• The following list includes only the most frequently ordered, standard accessories. For non-standard equipment (e.g. disposable cuffs or SpO2 sensors), please contact us.
• We reserve the right to change accessories to equivalents from other suppliers, with parameters not worse than the types listed below.
• The SpO2 sensors for monitors manufactured after 2014 may not be compatible with monitors from 1996 - 2014. Before ordering, please check in chapter 13 of the user manual, what types of sensors are suitable for your monitor.

  ECG Three-lead Cable
Cat.No.: 830010002
  ECG Five-lead Cable
Cat.No.: 830010001
  Pulse oximetry  
  Extension Cable
Cat.No.: 830030001
  Adult Finger Sensor
for monitors equipped with PEARL module
Cat.No.: P-200
  Adult Finger Sensor
Cat.No.: 830030002
  Pediatric Finger Sensor
Cat.No.: 3178
  Ear Sensor
Cat.No.: 3078
  Universal Y-sensor
Cat.No.: 3043
  Wrap Sensor
Cat.No.: 3026
  Cuffs - a full range of sizes

Most often ordered:
- Adult
  Cat.No.: 98-0084-26
- Adult Long
  Cat.No.: 98-0098-02
  Supply Tube
Cat.No.: 91-0028-06
  Cuff connectors - different types  
  Supply Tube connectors - different types  
  Sampling Line - lenght 2 m
Cat.No.: 2304-00-M/M
  Nasal Sampling Line
Cat.No.: 2308-00-M (for adults)
Cat.No.: 2309-00-M (for children)
Cat.No.: 2301FLT-00
  Water Trap
Cat.No.: 91150
  Calibration Absorber CO2
Cat.No.: 91155
  Filter (for monitors from the years 1998 - 2002)
Cat.No.: 1148
Cat.No.: 1128
  Multigas Monitoring  
  IRMA Airway Adapter
Cat.No.: 106220 (Adult/Pediatric)
Cat.No.: 106260 (Infant)
  NOMOLINE™ Adapter
Cat.No.: 108220
  Nomo Extension, 2 m
Cat.No.: 108240
  YSI 400 Standard Probes
  - skin, esophageal/rectal
  - neonatal, pediatric, for adults
  Welch Allyn Oral Temperature Probe
Cat.No.: 02678-100
  Welch Allyn Rectal Temperature Probe
Cat.No.: 02679-100
  Welch Allyn Thermometer Probe Covers
(box of 25)
Cat.No.: 05031
  Adapter - Cable
  - different standards
  IBP transducer
  - single, double
  - different standards